Help the Movement to Heal Traumatized Children!

The science is clear:  Early Childhood Trauma changes Children's Developing Brains.  No one knows this better than the parents who are raising a child who has been impacted by Attachment Trauma.  

Since 1995, the Attachment & Trauma Network's (ATN) volunteers have passionately promoted the healing of traumatized children through Support, Education & Advocacy.  We promote healing of the children by helping their parents learn attachment-focused strategies, providing on-going support and education about therapeutic parenting, and advocating for trauma-informed care for all children.

Many families we serve are parenting children who have come to their families through adoption, foster care,  or guardianship and have been severely impacted by abuse, neglect, and maltreatment.  Estimates are as high as 90% of children adopted from foster care or internationally will need attachment-focused, trauma-sensitive care (parenting and/or counseling/therapies) to heal from their early traumas.  Over the last several years, more families and social services professionals have recognized trauma's impact -- and the need for our programs has grown exponentially.

We need YOUR help!  To continue serving more and more families of traumatized children, ATN needs to stabilize our organization by hiring staff in 2016 to support our hard-working volunteers.  We know there's so much more work to be done -- thousands of families to support, millions who need to learn more about Early Childhood Trauma and hundreds of agencies, organizations, and policy-makers who must become aware of how critical trauma-informed children's mental health and post-adoptive services really are.

On Tuesday, December 1 and throughout the whole month, please strengthen the VOICE of traumatized children by giving to the programs of the Attachment & Trauma Network!    Your entire donation will be used to help the children and families.

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